Colin Kaepernick is bae

I really don't need to say anymore.  

I've been saying people with a platform need to take a stand. I didn't want any Black athletes to travel to Rio for the olympics to represent the USA. I realize that is a big thing to ask. That is the dichotomy of being Black in America.  Black athletes representing a country and winning gold medals in the name of a country who doesn't fully see us. 

So Kaepernick gets all my love for taking a stand by taking his seat.  Personal protests have always been the catalyst for greater awareness and action. 

Let me tell you a quick story. This summer at our Scentsy convention, Orville gave a moving and authentic speech that touched on the current times. I could see how he genuinely felt about what he was saying. There was a moment where this quote by a Scentsy consultant's husband was placed on the screen. I realized when he said "he's Black", everyone remained seated, but when he said "and he's a cop" everyone stood up and clapped.  I've talked to others and they observed the same thing. 

My sister and I sat. I looked at her and said "I don't feel like standing up in my struggle". 

The reality is, I'm connected to a lot of the same people who were standing up around me on social media and they never say anything about what is happening to us. So while the moment absolutely felt genuine, it felt fleeting. So I sat. 

I've had people delete me on social media for "forcing racism down their throat", I've lost customers because I choose to speak up about injustice, I've had a church pastor call my speech "hate mail". I've seen as people not so subtly imply who they will vote for this election, someone whose speech and actions has offended every race and religion except one. 

We can't always be expected to stand in our struggle. Sometimes we just need to take a seat. 

My son is now a big brother

My ex-husband welcomed another child to the world last weekend. My son is now a big brother. It's something I've known was coming since Christmas. It's something people don't talk about. 

I don't know why. I don't want to live a life unaffected. Journeying through as if major life events don't take my breath away, knock me to my knees, whimpering in bed at night. Life affects me.

I remember when David told me he was having another baby. It felt like a life sentence.  I remember abandoning prayers that although separated, our family unit would remain intact. I remember staying silent because it wasn't my story to tell. I remember wearing the narrative like a heavy coat.  

I cried. I was mad. Sad. Confused. Angry. 
Affected. Why don't people talk about this? 

Then one day I woke up at peace. I'm never afraid to do my work. To find the place where love abides.  I recognize that we are always, in all ways, healing. Yet this was something I didn't want to have to do. I shouldn't have to do this. Grace doesn't happen overnight.

I don't know why we don't talk about this.

I see the "likes" and "congratulations" and wonder if people have any idea what it takes to get here. If they have any idea the impact this has on a family.  

The deep feelings that the world, my world, looks past the affect life has on you. It's like we're all just trying to keep ourselves safe from the trueness of ourselves. Like if we can just look past the process of the journey we don't have to face that it exists. Don't look past my pain...see me in it. 

We welcomed a new life into our world last weekend. We are in love already and I want him to have a beautiful life.

Lunn Family vacay - 2016

Summer summer summertime! I realized coming to write this post that I hadn't written about our trip to Vegas at the beginning of the summer, so that will be to come.

What do you get when 13 people meet in Orlando to take the kiddos to Disney and Universal? Fun. 

At Christmas, my sister-in-love and I talked about spending Christmas 2016 at Disneyworld. Then, shortly after it was announced that my nephew's AAU tournament would be hosted in Orlando this summer. So we set our sights to all go down.

We rented a house from Home Away. It was located in a resort community. Well the initial house we rented had a bug infestation, but they made it right before we made it to town and moved us to another house, but once we got into town that house had no ac so they moved is to another. Two days in we discovered the hot water went out so they again moved us to another house but allowed us to keep the house we had, so I'm not sure I would recommend this particular company although they did make it right by us.

We were blessed because Dave's cousin JJ and his family were there and JJ is a great cook. We woke up to an amazing breakfast every morning, fried chicken, ribs, beans, the list goes on. Thanks JJ.

Renting a house and grocery shopping for 13 people is absolutely the way to go. I imagine we saved so much money by being able to eat two meals a day at home.

The house had s pool that the kids probably would have stayed in the entire week. So our first day was spent allowing the kids to jump in and allowing us adults time to catch up. 

The next day after everyone arrived, we went to Legoland. We got there pretty late and the Florida storm was rolling in so most of the rides were closed, but we still managed to have a great time.

I'm amazed by the level of detail at Legoland. We had a code to buy an adult ticket get a child ticket free. I think for the age of our kids, mine is 8, that's the only way I would suggest going. Maybe my opinion is skewed since we didn't ride many rides but it seemed more appropriate for smaller kids like my niece, age 3.

The next day was the big day. We were headed to Magic Kingdom. We woke up and started arranging to get tickets purchased. We headed to the park a littler after noon. It was hot but the magic was in the air!

Except for my kid. He just wanted to eat. He's my kid.

Before we figured out the FastPass system the kiddos waited in super long lines and we sat Now we will be FastPass pros the next time!

We had an amazing family vacation to Orlando and Disney World. What did you do exciting this summer?

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